Dazzling Dumpling

Beautiful Baby Contest Ages 0-24 months

Dazzling Dumpling Contest

Own Your “NOW” Foundation N.A., Inc. is looking for babies with sparkling personalities. No pageant experience is necessary! If you have a photogenic baby, then your little one could qualify for a scholarship! Our goal is to give you and your family a wonderful experience filled with encouraging memories.

Dazzling Dumpling is a natural scholarship pageant. We believe in empowering families so they can empower their children to be prominent leaders. We emphasize the importance of community service and inner beauty.

We believe that true beauty is found on the inside.

Think your child is a Dazzling Dumpling? Own Your “NOW” Foundation N.A., Inc. champions the need and value of higher education for children. This family-friendly event plants the seeds for your dumpling to grow into a well-rounded adult. It awards winners of the Dazzling Dumpling contests with scholarships.