Your child's senior year of high school is just around the corner. Should you start thinking about scholarships at this point? Consider one of these 5 competitions for your little scholar! These competitions will create a transformative experience for your child through a fun, celebratory showcase of their accomplishments. Make sure your child has the opportunity to further their education and prepare for a successful future!


Tenacious Teen

The Tenacious Teen competition gives teenagers a chance to get a scholarship and many doors open for them. Boys and girls ages 13-18 years old can participate in this competition.


Kinetic Kid

Kinetic Kid is a competition for aspiring youth to show off their individual talents in front of judges — with the hope that they'll win a scholarship. This contest is open to both boys and girls aged 6 - 12 years old.



Let the Toddlers have fun and let them shine! The Tot-tastic competition is open to all toddlers who are 2 - 5 years old. Competitors will compete for a scholarship of some kind to put them on the right path in life. This will be exciting for them as every toddler strives for greatness in life, and we want to help spark that fire in them, especially at such an early stage of their education.

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Dazzling Dumpling

Dazzling Dumpling is a scholarship pageant competition for babies up to 24 months old. No prior pageant experience is required — only a sparkling personality and poised demeanor. If you think your child has what it takes, you can register on the dazzling dumplings website.


Miss Prodigious Beauty Pageant

Miss Prodigious is a beauty pageant that awards $10,000 scholarships to young women 17-25 years old. The pageant attracts competitors at the top of their game, changing their lives not only through the recognition they will receive from winning but also by gaining the confidence and experience needed to succeed in all aspects of life.


We need your help to make a difference in the lives of these children, attend our competitions as an audience member, volunteer, and/or make a donation. These young children are pursuing their dreams and we're here to support them.