Confidence comes from feelings of well-being, acceptance of your body and mind (your self-esteem), and belief in your own ability, skills, and experience.


People with healthy self-esteem are willing to try new things or take on challenges. Achieving goals helps increase self-esteem.


Being able to articulate well provides a significant advantage. Good communication promotes understanding and effective communication.

About Us

The Own Your “NOW” Foundation motto, “Funds for Your Future,” is what the Miss Dexterity Beauty Pageant is all about; funding your future and opening the door for bigger and better opportunities. Our foundation champions the value and need for higher education for women.


Who We Are

We are so much more than a beauty pageant, with many layers of depth that many people never know or experience. The Miss Dexterity Beauty Pageant offers a variety of benefits:

  1. Winner receives a $10,000 College Scholarship
  2. Develops Confidence, Self-esteem, and Communication Skills
  3. Opens doors to numerous networking possibilities


Our Miss Dexterity Beauty Pageant strives to give young women from age 17 to 25 the chance to further their education and develop skills that will help them throughout their college experience and beyond, regardless of their financial background.

How Can I Be a Part?

Are you a young woman looking to broaden your horizons and open a world of possibilities for yourself and your future? Are you interested in the opportunity to fund your future through a scholarship or other prizes? If you are between the ages of 17 and 25 and meet our requirements, complete the short application on our “Become a Contestant” page to receive an information packet concerning the details of scholarship prizes, dues, deadlines, wardrobe, and more.

Not looking to compete but still want to be involved? We encourage you to attend our pageant as an audience member and/or make a financial donation to our mission. Our contestants are bright young women who deserve your support. Help in making their dreams become reality.